Axminster Rug

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Axminster Rug

Axminster Rug with Borderless Edging able to customize more complex design which hand tufted unable to. Also, using machine, the product greatly aims on large quantity of rugs in shorter period comparing to hand tufted rug.


By using cloth warping instead of usual whipping, borderless design can be archived. Moreover, with this finishing, the Axminster rugs feels thicker and denser. Which have the feeling of a hand tufted rug.


In addition, with the skill we have on Axminster such as carving, metallic yarn and loop pile, archiving hand tufted rug is no more impossible. In fact, some design that is too complicated and time consuming for a hand tufted rug can be easily achieved by using Axminster Rug.

Our 72oz Axminster Rug is one of our specialties which you don't normally found in the market. Do contact us to know more details!

Do take a look on one of our prestige project which uses this added feature:
The Alma Resort - Nha Trang Vietnam

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