Axminster with Viscose

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Axminster with Viscose

Generally, an Axminster carpet is made up to 80%wool with 20%nylon. But, as customize is one of our specialties, we present the Axminster product in a more special way. With added feature using Viscose yarn infuse into the design and pattern created, it able to enlighten and brings up the design to more luxurious feels.

Wondering what is Viscose? Viscose Yarn are made from regenerated cellulose derived from cotton fibre.

- It have a high sheen and soft feel which is much similar to silk but is much less expensive then silk.

- When expose to light, the viscose yarns reflects the light hence giving a natural shinning effects on the carpet.

We do not recommend using large amount into an Axminster as Viscose do not perform well whereby it will stain easier. With the soft feeling given by Viscose, the downside, of course will be show traffic patterns easily.
Do take a look on one of our prestige project which uses this added feature:
St. Regis Hotel Kuala Lumpur

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