Infinity Dye Carpet Tile

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Infinity Dye Carpet Tile

 Infinity Dyed Carpet Tile

Infinity Dyed Carpet Tile brings a new flexibility of design to carpet tile products. Standard carpet tile will have issue on pattern matching and pattern repeats, but not Infinity Dyed Carpet Tile.

With this combination, carpet tile can have unlimited design then the most convention ones. Thus, area which need to operate long hours whereby having less time for work able to benefit from the Infinity Dyed Carpet Tile. Closing section by section when changing the carpet tile cost lesser then closing a full area which save a lot on the operating cost. Also, having able to store the tiles conveniently enable in-house maintenance team to do themselves whereby increase the productivity in terms of time consuming.

Furthermore with the size up to 1m x 1m, reducing carpet joint between tiles and also allowing swifter in changing the carpet tile. With fully cut pile or textured loop pile to choose, each with its own unique finishing, design can be more flexibility in terms of having bigger pattern or more colour choices. Another added comfort to foot, the Infinity Dyed Carpet Tile comes with standard of soft cushion underlay backing. This also provide more acoustic feature then PVC backing carpet tiles. 

Do take a look on one of our prestige project which uses this added feature:
Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa

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