Synthetic Fiber Compact Cushion Underlay

Synthetic Fiber Compact Cushion Underlay

Product Feature

100% Recycle Synthetic Fiber

Recycled Material

High Density for exceptional carpet support

Excellent long life lasting

Superb Fire Resistance

Insulate home and reduce noise


BS 5808: 1991 Test result – British Standard for Carpet Underlay

Textile Breaking Strength and Elongation (BS 2576)                < 850N

Loss in Thickness after Static Loading (BS 4939)                     < 0.25mm

Loss in Thickness after Dynamic Loading (BS 4052)                 < 10.5%

Recovery of Work Compression (BS 4098)

              Thickness Recovery                                                  > 90%

              Compression Recovery                                             > 70%

              Work Recovery                                                        > 80%

Resistance to Cracking (BS 5808)                                  0 Cracks or Breaks


Flammability - Hot Metal Nut Test

Radius of effects of ignition (BS 4790)                             Low radius > 35mm

Flammability (BS 5287)                                                             Pass